Ebook reviews: Stop Being Brainwashed: Rediscover Your True Self and Eye Floaters Cure by Enck Kanaj

A double header review today from Enck Kanaj who has written a few short works on a number of topics that are interesting to me. I am one of those people that is interested in learning more about the mind and our ability to reduce suffering with some concentration and practise.

Published 10th October 2013
From the dust cover: “Many people live a life that they are not meant to live. They are exhausted by trying to achieve things that will never satisfy them. They keep busy and try to be their False Self, which is a mental self-image imposed and programmed by parents, education and society. They try endlessly to find the False Self in the conceptual reality, which has nothing to do with true reality. The False Self is like a mirage that disappears as you approach it. Aiming towards this False Self pushes people away from living life fully and rediscovering their True Selves.

Reading self-help and psychology books, and attending self-improvement courses will not help you to find your True Self. Contrary to what you expect, they only reinforce your False Self. They all operate on the level of the mind, which is where the False Self is rooted. In fact, the True Self is there but you are blind to see it due to the many expectations of the False Self.
In this book I have shared what I call the golden approach for rediscovering your True Self.

Special Note: This book is not about New Age theories and metaphysics. It is simply about the natural way of living or the way of nature.”

Published 25th April 2013
From the dust cover: “Contrary to most of the literature in ophthalmology, the harmless type of eye floaters is not caused by vitreous degeneration within the eye. Harmless eye floaters have been there since you were born, no matter how many new floaters you see. You begin to see them because you are acquiring an incorrect vision habit called diffusing. The more you diffuse your vision, the more new floaters appear in your field of vision. The secret weapon for causing floaters to disappear is to regain the natural and innate vision habit of central fixation discovered by Dr. W.H. Bates in the field of natural vision. After you learn to use your eyes again in the natural way for which they were designed and have evolved over millions of years, the floaters will disappear.”

My Ebook review: I choose to review these two ebooks together because my comments are very similar to both, they are engaging, easy to read and not fluffy nonsense. By this I mean that there are not pages of wasted words saying very little. These ebooks are short and to the point.

In the first ebook we are entreated to consider who we really are rather than who we have lead ourselves to believe we are. Importantly we are given some thoughts about how to achieve this and some good reasons why it is a good idea to try.

In ‘Eye Floaters Cure’ I was very interested to read some simple approaches to dealing with an irritating issue that is made worse by days at the computer.

Did I enjoy them?: Both books were uplifting and positive to read, I felt that I was introduced to interesting topics in a way that allowed me to make immediate progress.


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