Dot Gumbi’s The Pirates of Maryland Point

Publication date 8th July 2012

The Pirates of Maryland Point

I came across this book whilst searching for Robert Rankin and I was happy that I did, but it does explain why it took me so long to get to it!

The blurb: “The greatest prize at the London 2012 Olympics isn’t gold…it’s the Holy Grail.

There’s a rumour there’s treasure buried beneath the Olympic site. And that a secret army is going to find it. Only nobody believes it. But when a mysterious group of pirates move to the East End, people become suspicious.And when Cockneys start disappearing, the Pearly King demands answers. But that’s the least of Oscar’s worries – all he wants to do is kill some cockroaches. The problem is, he’s using a chemical weapon to do it.

The Pirates of Maryland Point is a fast-paced, who-dunnit, Cockney comedy caper packed with pirates and pie and mash.

“For fans of Robert Rankin, Jasper Fforde or Douglas Adams.””

My review: From the start there is a gripping non reality about this splendid book. Told as it is in flash backs and augmented recollection we get a rapidly moving and highly amusing plot filled with lovable characters. It is not, though, to be assumed that this is a book that will make any real sense, but it is a splendid reading experience and cleverly engineered.

This book has a real feel of the comic genius of Robert Rankin and while it never really reached the highest heights of hilarity of that author’s work neither was it as emotionally exhausting as some. Gumbi’s style does also depart in interesting and important ways and left me interested in picking up more of his work.


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