JB Dutton’s Starley’s Rust (The Embodied trilogy Book 2)

Published January 15 2015

Starley’s Rust (The Embodied trilogy Book 2)

The blurb: STARLEY’S RUST a YA urban fantasy, Book 2 of the EMBODIED trilogy.

Six months ago, Kari Marriner’s life was torn apart. Now turned 17, she’s looking for answers in her rural Wisconsin hometown. But just as the Embodied seemed to have vanished, there’s a new, more terrifying visitor from the Dark Universe.
Back in Manhattan, a charismatic English artist named Starley convinces Kari he can find her missing mother if she flies to Paris with him. He also shares an incredible secret from the dawn of mankind. But Starley is not who he seems. Before she knows it, Kari finds herself standing in front of the Mona Lisa with him, yelling out, “He’s got a bomb!”
And that’s when things go totally insane. The Rebel Embodied’s henchman, Cilic, returns to Earth on a deadly mission. The body of Kari’s treacherous friend Aranara is washed up on the banks of the Hudson. But is she really dead? In the Paris catacombs, Kari and Starley are hunted by a nightmarish mythical creature that’s all too real.
A family mystery, an exiled race, freakish beasts, jealousy, love… and death. Kari has to face them all in the fast-paced fantasy thriller .
Starley’s Rust is the spellbinding second novel in JB Dutton’s EMBODIED trilogy. The first installment, Silent Symmetry, was published in 2013 and reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s free Kindle ebook Futuristic & Sci-Fi Romance chart.

My review: this is a very fun sequel to read and I got through it very quickly because I wanted to know what happened next. In one sense a sequel in a trilogy is a little bit confined , or at least the reader’s expectations will be to be left hanging at a crucial moment in the plot but without any major changes. In contrast, for Starley’s Rust I could have written the article under a banner “the 10 things we learned about the Embodied” (we seem to live in a world at the moment caught up in headlines along the lines of the 10 things we learned from last nights game/debate/report). This is not so obviously an inbetweener book in terms of being largely wasted effort, there is real development to the story in this book that is both fascinating and unexpected.

It is well aimed at the target audience and appropriately written. Kari develops nicely as a character and we see her spreads her wings in adventures that become international. The new challenges that Kari encounters are imaginative and frightening but her inner drive and anger remain as an endearing quality.

The first in the series had, to me at least, a greater paranormal feel to it even though the sequel has the quite spectacular mythical beast it does have the urban fantasy feel to it and in that sense we are taken on a splendid journey of discovery with Kari and the cast of the Embodied Trilogy towards what I hungrily anticipate to be a tremendous conclusion in the final chapter.

This is a splendid read very nicely developing this very fine trilogy.


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