J.D. Tew’s The Ghost of Sephera (Theodore Crane) (Volume 2)

Published December 1 2014

The Ghost of Sephera (Theodore Crane) (Volume 2)

The blurb: Having left his innocuous childhood on Earth behind for the adventures of outer space, Theodore Crane now thrusts himself into desolate conditions, vowing to find two valued members of his crew that were lost in battle. Despite Theodore’s prior victories, the war between two all-powerful demigods continues. The despotic Zane stalks Theodore and his crew, believing that they will one day meet again.
After falling into a state of disarray, the Opposition must retrench in order to rid the universe of the two demigods who threaten the freedom of the Galaxy. Somehow, Theodore must help the Opposition’s freedom fighters—and give them hope.
Along his journey, Theodore and his crew learn of an all-powerful omnipotent mainframe, Eppa. Records of her existence suggest that she knows everything and sees everything. If Theodore can find Eppa, he may determine the outcome of the Galaxy.
The Ghost of Sephera is a rollicking space adventure to be enjoyed by readers age twelve and up, and explores universal questions such as: Do incredible nano-engineered particles with great intelligence have the same freedoms and rights as the peoples of the galaxy? If time travel was a reality throughout the galaxy, how do we hunt down and apprehend violators? Is a vast repository with unlimited knowledge, one that records every single second since the beginning of Time and discerns every decision ever made, too powerful to exist?

My review: This is a big book in many different ways. Firstly it was big because I personally was looking forward to seeing how Tew developed as an author after the first book (The Acolytes of Crane) and I was not disappointed. Secondly it is a longer book than the first which the author fills with big (thirdly) ideas and big (fourthly) action.

What is truly impressive about The Ghost of Sephera are the number of interesting and innovative concepts that are wound together in a storyline that seems to just keep growing. The characters have developed and we get a greater sense of who they are and the universe that they inhabit. We learn of new abilities, more dangers and much more complexity.

Tew’s own blurb captures it very well, this is indeed a rollicking space adventure and you will enjoy every twist and turn!

It is now a couple of week’s since I read the book and my feelings about this work have matured and rounded and it seems to me that this is a very good book aimed at the younger audience but certainly a heck of a read also for those of us getting on in years. It has a lot of intriguing thoughts meshed into a multi-layered narrative and this means that different people will take different things from it and I personally really enjoy the concept of controlling armies of ‘nanobots’ and the ensuing difficulties that this is going to have; this is one tool that is very much a weapon. The author deals pretty well with the complexities of time travel and the possible effects. I say pretty well only to avoid criticism, this is one area where everyone has a view and not even philosophers or physicists consistently agree on the outcome. Maybe one day I will come back an update this paragraph with the proper solution.

Yes, this is a good book, yes it is a long book and yes it is good value reading.


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