Ebook Review: Jack Knifed by Christopher Greyson

Publication Date: January 19, 2014

From the dust cover: “Police Officer Jack Stratton is back. Jack’s nightmares have forced him to start searching his dark past and the secrets that lay hidden there. With Replacement at his side, Jack travels to Hope Falls to solve a murder that occurred before he was born.
Everyone in the small town remembers the gruesome killing, but after 27 years, no one thought that someone would look into it. They don’t know Jack.
Christopher Greyson’s latest novel weaves a tale full of mystery and action with humor and suspense. His unique stories and no-nonsense style of writing will take you on a page turning rollercoaster ride of emotions right up until the end.”

About the author: “Christopher Greyson is an author, actor, martial arts instructor and storyteller. He has degrees in Theatre, Communications and Computer Science.
Christopher currently lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two children.
His love for tales of mystery and adventure began with his grandfather, a World War I decorated hero. Christopher will never forget being introduced to his grandfather’s friend, a WWI pilot who flew across the skies at the same time as the feared legendary Red Baron. His love of reading and storytelling eventually lead him to write Pure of Heart, Girl Jacked Jack Knifed and Jacks are Wild.”

My Ebook review: this is the second in the Jack Stratton Mystery series and I reviewed ‘Girl Jacked’ along the lines:
“In one sense this is a quite normal crime thriller and follows a pattern that will be recognisable to readers of this genre. On the other hand there is always the required thrill in reading a well executed plot and so the author should be applauded for that. It never quite got to the point of brilliance but it is certainly a fine book.
If I understood correctly, there will be other stories with our damaged hero and it will be interesting to see how Greyson develops his style.”
In a sense this is a book that picks up exactly where the first one ended and that should mean that having read ‘Girl Jacked’ would be mandatory, but in fact this is a book that stands well on its own. The plot is clear and distinct.
Our ‘damaged hero’ has a mission and he has a companion, he has a history and he knows that he needs to learn more. The plot thickens as he is dragged into a story that he knew nothing about. He did not go looking for trouble but like a lightning rod he seems to attract it.
There is a murder and there is a small town and there are lots of secrets and many closets with skeletons. As Jack gets drawn into the mystery he is forced to look at himself and walk a dark path through a tragic set of lives. Replacement is also a mystery and Jack needs to work out if he wants to solve that one.

Greyson’s style is no-nonsense as advertised and also appropriately descriptive. The scenes are well set and the dialog is sharp, on top of that the plot is fabulous in ‘Jack Knifed’. There is complexity and simplicity; there is love interest and a good degree of violent exchanges. We delve into the characters and we watch them try to solve themselves whilst battling with inner demons.

This is the real deal and the Greyson style is exciting and crisp and all the right choices were made in ‘Jack Knifed’.

Did I enjoy it?: Yes, from start to finish this was an ebook that made me want to read more and now that it is done I am looking forward to the next one!


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