Ebook review: Inconsequential (J + P Series) by D.A. Roach

About the author: “a retired Pharmacist, College instructor, and grocery bagger. I currently enjoy being a mom to 3 great kids while pursuing art, creating, and writing in what free time I am allowed. I have had some interesting events occur in my life and when I share them with others they often are so astonished by the events that they can’t believe it could be real. My motivation to write is to share these stories and also share any knowledge I have learned along the way. There have been times in my life when I was unsure of which path to take and it has usually been the stories and experiences that others have shared that have shined the light on the correct way to go. I hope my stories can inspire others as others have inspired me. Please enjoy!”
From the dust cover: “Perry is back for her sophomore year, anxious to bask in the freedom and independence that college brings. All summer she anticipated being reunited with her friends who have been a huge support system in her life. But this might be her last year.

Perry’s tyrant parents threaten to remove her from school if she does not excel. She has to achieve high grades and be accepted into the highly competitive junior year Life Science classes in order to stay. She can’t imagine leaving this school or her friends – so failing is not an option.
Her plan is to keep her head down and not be distracted by the opposite sex. But will obstacles get in the way of her success? Will she be able to ignore her hormones and the guys on campus? Is she smart enough and studious enough to make the grade?”

My Ebook review: ‘Inconsequential’ takes off where ‘Tethered’ left off and follows Perry through another year of growing up. From her smothered childhood she is ill prepared to understand the realities of the world in which she is moving but the important thing is that she is trying. As with ‘Tethered’ it is the relationships in Perry’s life that cause the drama and the interest. Her story is told from her own point of view and seems to capture the insecurities of this fledgling adult.
The continuing tensions between Perry and her parents are at the very heart of her difficulties. Especially the overbearing, manipulative mother figure and the apparently invisible father figure strongly in her self worth considerations. One can consider the story of college life to be a gentle coming of age story with the heart aches and missed steps that have to come in youth, but the family unit is disturbing and painful.
‘Inconsequential’ is nicely written and moves at a rapid pace through the challenges of Perry’s life. I could build both empathy with Perry and want to give her a ‘heads up’ talk at the same time; an interesting balance. One can comment that the story is a little bit predictable, but that is a minor thing against the well executed personal drama of this book.
Did I enjoy it?: this is a good story and well written. I enjoyed the reading experience even though the subject matter was tough at times.


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