Ebook review: Madness of the Turtle by S.R.Wilsher

Publication Date: December 11, 2013
From the dust cover: “On their way to join the revolution in Cuba – ten years after it ended – a gang of brutal jungle bandits see television for the first time. Their leader, Father Gerard Limerick falls in love with the beautiful soap actress Magdalena. Recovering after being almost fatally wounded, he becomes convinced he’s been resurrected in order to save her from the soap’s evil Senor Gonzales, and becomes determined to make her his wife.
The bandits travel to a film camp deep in the jungle, holding the cast and crew hostage while they wait for the arrival of the actor playing Senor Gonzales.
Meanwhile, Limerick’s disenchanted son Rico yearns for another life. Unable to be with a prostitute he loved, or to save a farmer’s wife from the men, Rico becomes desperate to save Magdalena from his crazy father and his psychotic family of bandits; even if it means crossing the most frightening man in the world.”

My Ebook review: this is a quixotic story and a journey told from the point of view of Rico. The journey is both physical and metaphorical as a young boy becomes a man as a man determines what is real from what is delusion.
We follow our characters on their journey through a meandering series of episodes, learning as we go more about the character of the group than of many of the individuals. The group is rough and tough, undereducated and with little regard for law or life. The major characters become well developed and we get a good feeling about how they see themselves and in particular we delve into Rico’s thoughts and his relationship with his father becomes a central theme of the book. As the journey continues, the cracks appear and tensions grow. We get to witness the disintegration of world views and the inevitable conflicts that this brings to people who are used to solving problems with guns or a knife to the gut. Regret and introspection are unfamiliar friends to the characters.
This ebook is engaging and well written, makes good use of the flawed leader and his belief in his own importance and the self serving interpretation of Robin Hood’s tales and the meandering story has the opportunity to both shock and surprise until the end.
Did I enjoy it?: Yes, well written , slightly crazy but engaging.


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