Ebook review: Politics by Other Means by Adam Fitchett (A Short Story)

Published 19th December 2013
About the author: “Adam Fitchett is studying Biochemistry at the University of Sussex, but for some reason he also claims to be a writer. His hobbies include reading, watching movies, and writing about himself in the third person.
He writes comedy because he believes that the most psychologically self destructive thing a person can do is to take everything seriously. He thinks that, in order to endure the base, the stupid and the absurd, the best thing one can do is simply point and laugh at it. His stories are sometimes political, sometimes philosophical, often dark, and always very, very silly. His major influences include Douglas Adams, Oscar Wilde, P.G. Wodehouse, Ayn Rand, Peter Sellers, Terry Pratchett, and the better parts of Friedrich Nietzsche.”
From the dust cover: “”Peace and politics are pantomime”
Those are the immortal words of General Alfred Thackworth, son of Lord Thackworth, and a man who is willing to wage war over a stolen packet of biscuits; and if that were not sufficiently problematic, his target, the totally functional and honestly not at all despotic nation of Gritania, is in the grips of a terrific power struggle, the likes of which have not been seen since last Wednesday.
This irreverent, silly and deeply cynical comedy will entertain all those who have the strength to rise above the quagmire of political subterfuge, and see it for the pathetic burlesque it really is.
Evil is small, and it has no fashion sense.”

My Ebook review: reading Fitchett’s biography it is not too surprising to find that this ebook is a delightfully funny short story that reminded me of Dr Strangelove. It is its own ebook but if you like one then you will probably enjoy the other.
There is a cast of ludicrous characters usefully employed like a cascade of co-chaperones they work because of each other. Their individual small mindedness and lack of imagination synergise to create this jovial and sometimes downright hilarious short work.
It will be interesting to read a full novel from Fitchett.
Did I enjoy it?: Certainly, very funny, just over too soon.


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