Ebook review: The Son by Brent Coffey

Publication date 21st November 2013

From the dust cover: “The Adelaide Family wants your money, and the Family will kill you for it. Enter Boston’s underworld! Mafia Kingpin Victor Adelaide has built an armed empire out of drug trafficking, prostitution, and protection racketeering, and his son, Gabe, will one day inherit the Family’s business. But, while on trial, Gabe encounters an orphan in Massachusetts’ foster care program with an innocence so compelling that he questions the underworld’s code of ethics… and Gabe’s uncertainty about the Family’s ethics enrages the Godfather! Bodies pile up, as a bloody turf war between rival Mafia Families splits Boston’s red-light district in half, and Gabe must decide if he’ll fight for the Adelaide Family or risk his position of future Kingpin to help a needy kid.

The Son is a suspenseful Mafia thriller, exploring ethics from a mobster’s perspective and the consequences those ethics have for one of Boston’s most vulnerable citizens. (76,000 words.)”

My Ebook review: this is a story of what happens at the edges, of when we are forced to confront ourselves, what will we do?

As we join the story a cast of characters exists that have reached critical points in their lives and the outcomes will have life changing consequences. How and why these are intertwined is not immediately obvious. As the story unfolds it indeed becomes the suspenseful thriller that it is said to be.

This is a highly entertaining read from the perspective of being a mafia thriller, it has all of the elements that one looks for in plenty and it earns it stars because we get further into the characters and see some of the human side that might just remain in there somewhere. It is relatively graphic at times, disturbing at others, but certainly a page turner.

Did I enjoy it: Yes because it explored a deeper level somehow when compared to other ‘Mafia thriller’ novels whilst maintaining that feel we know well.


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