Ebook review: The Final Requiem by Joe Donahue

Publication date 4th October 2013

From the dust cover: “Michael is a normal guy that has been thrust into an overwhelming situation. An eternal war is being waged between Angels and Demons. The Angels have assigned Michael the task of going on a treacherous journey to close the gates Demons use to travel between Hell and Earth. Somehow, even though Angels have been visiting him in his dreams since childhood to tell him something was coming, Michael finds himself unprepared, and in the middle of it all.
One way or another, everything will change.”

My Ebook review: this is a classical story of good versus evil, angels versus demons, hidden plots, sub culture and the paranormal.
Our hero has had unusual dreams his entire life and eventually he is called to action to help save Earth from the nasty ones. Along the way Michael must dig deep within himself, discover strange new friends and fight battles that he would never have imagine before. All the while he is opposed in ways he could not begin to understand.
The flow of the book is well paced and energetic. There is a broad spectrum of interesting characters who fill important roles and help carry the story forward. At times the narrative is abrupt and we seem to lose diversity during the chaos.
The fresh and crisp style of the writing lifts this story to a level of fun enjoyability and Donahue’s craft will develop in future works and as another reviewer commented, there are some editorial issues that could be ironed out that would enhance the reading experience.

Did I enjoy it: yes, I like the plot and the execution of it and look forward to seeing where this author goes.


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