Ebook review: BLOODLINE Out of the Shadows by David W. Sheppard and M. Baker

About the authors: Bloodline Out of the Shadows is the first novel for David W. Sheppard and M. Baker. They escaped from Chicago and currently live in Southern California. They also enjoy writing screenplays. Bloodline originated as an idea for a miniseries they are developing for television. This is a work of fiction – they hope.

From the dust cover: “On his 23rd birthday, a young man from a wealthy family discovers that he is from an alien bloodline and is their messiah, the key to their sinister plan to destroy the Earth and fulfill their covenant.
Hez Harrington’s family has kept a wicked secret from him all his life. He didn’t know that his parents had promised him to another woman and a being from another planet. His enemies are the richest people in the world and really evil distant family members. It just goes to show, you can’t pick your relatives.
How is he supposed to reconcile his human heart with the face he now sees in the mirror? The lives of the woman he loves and his friends are in jeopardy. He needs help, but all he has is a priest with a screwed-up eye.
He has twenty-three days to appear at their mecca and gift them with the powers he has been given. The result: the purest of evil will emerge and walk the earth, out of the shadows. If he doesn’t surrender to their will, how will he stop them?”

My Ebook review: the authors’ intent to develop this story as a miniseries for television is not only an intriguing idea but also a good description of what to expect when reading this book. There is no lack of high impact scene setting or of dramatic cuts from one plot perspective to another
The basic plot of conspiracy, cover up and hidden agenda is a classic and engaging one for a fun reading experience.
The drawback to the approach taken in writing this story is that it is confusing and a little bit jerky for my taste. It is almost a pilot for a series rather than a complete whole in of itself. The characters are at times a little generic.
The aliens are interesting enough and Hez learns fast and develops into his role and in total this is a very good set up for a number of sequels.

Did I enjoy it: this was a fun read, not too deep, not too silly, in the Goldilocks’ zone.


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