Ebook review: Zachariah’s Ark by Jason Dean Sharpe

Monday arrived with all of the subtle elegance of an elephant in heals and I am looking forward to the wek getting better from here!
Today is the last day that you have the chance to download Disrupted Worlds for free from amazon kindle store (UK site, Canada site). We have had a lot of interest and if it made sense to say that these electronic copies are flying off the shelves and that only a few are left then I would love to say that, but it does not, so I won’t!

Published 22nd September 2013
Jason Dean Sharpe is a first time self published author.
From the dust cover: ”When Deputy Sheriff Dani Vitalli is called to duty on the first day of her vacation she knows her best friend, Sheriff Tim Galston, must have a good reason. The last thing she expected to find was a 17 year old girl standing naked and beaten in the middle of a local boy’s bedroom.

With a spring blizzard looming and very little in the way of clues to go by, Dani does her best to ascertain the identity of the young girl and track down the person responsible for the disturbing state she was found in. As the severity of the storm increases so do the clues in the case, most of them pointing to one man: Zachariah Hopper. But Deputy Vitalli knows better than anyone that things in small towns are rarely what they appear to be.”
My Ebook review: at 74 pages this is a quick read and uses that time to good effect. It is a well written and catchy story. As a drama it works well and the characters take shape. One criticism could be that the characters and the story are well made but rather simple in that they are not astoundingly original. This does not stop this being a well executed book and interesting read.
Did I enjoy it?: indeed, it is a quick and fun reading experience and I look forward to Sharpe’s future work.


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