Ebook review: Will Proles’ Rise By P J Willet

Published 27th October 2012
When I got an email from the author I was captured by the fact that P J Willet had taken his creation through a number of edits and now felt that it was ready. This is not unusual of course and some authors never feel that they have the finished article so I liked the confidence. I was also grabbed by the brief synopsis that fit right into my mood. As it turns out, it was a happy coincidence.
From the dust cover: “William Proles knows he is a member of the underclass. His friends are pathetic, his mother is insipid, his teachers are useless and his tormentors are animals. If only there was a way he could change it all…

Will Proles’ Rise is a contemporary, coming-of-age drama, with an undertone of urban fantasy. It is a story about an admirable boy who endures a miserable existence, until he realises he has the potential to change things. The more Will Proles realises that he doesn’t have to endure his miserable existence, the less admirable he becomes.”
My Ebook review: William’s is a miserable story to start with, he is bullied and harassed in the way that all too many kids at school are. This sets the scene for a drama that slowly unfolds across a book of true worth.
What makes Will Proles’ Rise special is the slow drip feed of facts about the history of our hero whilst in parallel he goes on his journey through a tremendous discovery and almost loses himself in the process.
Willet writes the story in an engaging way and skirts along the boundary of coming of age and fantasy. The underlying message is that the potential to change things is not always an easy gift to bear. The ability to be powerful brings a tremendous responsibility with it.
We follow Proles as he learns about his power, his place in the world, the reality of life and the temptation to solve every problem with a too simple solution that is destined to back fire. As a teenager he is true to the nature of that uncertain and angry age. At least some of the people in his world do their best to be gentle with the youth and to try and guide him along a path while others take advantage and let him down. The moral of the story could be that our memories, good or bad, give us power, but it is up to us what to remember and how to embrace the power that we have.
There are some more adult themes partially dealt with in this book, including the unfortunate ways that some kids choose to try and shield themselves from harshness of reality.

Did I enjoy it: yes indeed and yes I am looking forward to the sequel as I kept flicking past the last page to see if I could find out what would happen next!


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