Ebook review: The Emissary by Greg Klerkx

It is a strange old world sometimes. On the one hand we have a right to self expression and on the other hand we need to protect the young, the weak and the vulnerable. So we can once again see murder on Facebook but not a bare breast; heck I cannot even add the word ‘arsehole’ into a review of a book for adults on amazon. So it is a strange world and it is very easy to be provocative to someone somewhere.
Greg Klerkx is not new to writing but this is his first fiction novel.

Publication date: 16th October 2013
About the author: “Greg Klerkx is a writer and producer who began his career as a journalist in Southern California, where he won awards for commentary, feature and investigative writing. His writing has also appeared in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Evening Standard, publications by DEMOS, and the New York Times.”
From the dust cover: “The provocative and exhilarating first novel from veteran science writer Greg Klerkx, author of LOST IN SPACE (“…the ‘On the Road’ of the alternative space tribe” – PopSci.)

The near future: a world devastated by a global war for resources. In the scorched wastelands of western North America, a devout militant sect known only as the People wins battle upon battle in its campaign to reclaim the ruined land – all for the glory of their long-disappeared Prophet, whose hoped-for return will seal the People’s ultimate triumph.

No warrior is more willing than young Amon Tomasson, whose four wives and 13 children are testimony to the Prophet’s blessings. But Amon’s ordered world begins to unravel the day he captures Virgil, a ragged wanderer who could hold the key to the Prophet’s return. As Virgil tells his incredible life story – which finds him partnered with an amnesiac boyfriend who may be immortal and a genetically modified half-lion sex show star whose family want her dead – Amon finds himself in the grip of a stark transformation…one that could profoundly alter the destiny of the People, and even the ravaged new world.

An odyssey that ranges from neo-Dickensian London to the survivalist war zones of post-war America, THE EMISSARY resounds with echoes of THE ROAD and ORYX AND CRAKE – with a dash of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Fast moving yet deep thinking, THE EMISSARY explores faith, truth, runaway sci-tech, and the secrets we hide even from ourselves.”
My Ebook review: this is essentially a story told from the perspective of one man to another. The plot and storyline gradually emerge from the pages in an unpredictable way.
It is the story of the end of the world; the story is set in the type of proto civilisations that Mad Max introduced us to. The world has changed but some aspects have survived the war. Some technologies have made it through and are used to serve the base instincts and desires of the populace.
What makes this story stand out is the fact that not all the world is equally bombed to heck and not all of civilisation is gone, there is technology and there is still religion, not just the religion of the dollar or the fossil.
It is a provocative story precisely because it brings into sharp contrast the lives of the pious and the lives of the hedonistic and the story twists and turns through the telling. Amon and Virgil are well written and the supporting cast gives added dimension to the adventure.
Did I enjoy it?: Yes, it is at times challenging and horrifying, at times worryingly provocative and in total an interesting and engaging journey with some neat twists.


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