Ebook review: Legend Trippers by Michael Cahill

Publication date: August 31, 2013
About Michael Cahill: “Michael Cahill began writing his debut novel, Legend Trippers, not long after leaving Brock University with a degree in English Literature. When not delving into the world of the unexplained, he’s usually nurturing his other great obsessions: Batman, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Seinfeld, Star Trek, The X-Files, and ketchup chips. Visit legend-trip.com for amazing concept art, bonus materials, and news on the paranormal.” This is Cahill’s first publication on amazon.

From the dust cover: “Legend Tripping: to seek out and investigate sites of heightened paranormal phenomena.

Fifteen-year-old Zachary Larkin wants to find a monster. His plan? A new school club. Its mission: discover living, breathing proof of the paranormal. Its members: Zachary’s three best friends, his young next-door-neighbor, and a teacher who doesn’t know Sasquatch from Saskatchewan.

Their first case brings them to a small town plagued with sightings of unexplained beasts. Murderous Mercreatures? Check. Bloodthirsty birdmen? Naturally. Organ-harvesting Chupacabras and a fire-spewing dragon? Oh yeah.

When the horde launches an all-out assault, the Legend Trippers must make a do-or-die choice: fight back or let the entire world become a graveyard.

Finding the monsters was easy. Defeating them? That’s going to be killer.”

My Ebook review:I am a fan of the paranormal and a fan of YA adventure so this was a slam dunk from a plot premise perspective. Basically we start the book with a group of kids trying to start a group, trying to get through school in a half-way interesting way. They need to recruit a younger kid who has trouble with English and a teacher who has long since become disenfranchised. It becomes ‘kinda’-like’Scooby Doo with a faculty member in tow. In typical YA fashion the plot skips over some of the tedious stuff and gets straight down to a field trip and the true adventure.

The adventure is a good one, it is not your plain white vanilla, run of the mill scary monster stuff. The characters do attempt to use a bit of guile and credulity about their escapades right up to the point where the monsters stop playing fair. The plot then becomes a race to get out of the way of the beasts whilst in the background an intriguing plot builds and some surprising comrades are of useful assistance.

I like the pace of the book and the plot which kept me interested and wanting to read on. The characters are quite well developed and there is a little bit of romance in the air also. At times they felt a little two dimensional as the explosive plot moved so rapidly that the individuality of the players phased out for a moment, but that is ok. In the end this is a very interesting YA read and one for the paranormal lovers and one for drama lovers also.


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