A new review for Disrupted Worlds

It is just so exciting to read what people think about Disrupte Worlds and I appreciate so much the effort that reviewers make, so thank you to Yacouba T for making my day with a review on amazon.com under the heading
“Great sampling of indie authors” quoted below in warts and all style:

“Independent authors and publishers need more offerings like Disrupted Worlds. All too often, independent works get rushed to market without thorough editing or a professional look. This collection provides a good sampling of what indie authors and publishers are capable of when they respect the readers enough to work on their craft and present a clean product. So thanks to the authors and editor!

As for the stories, I generally second the review from Oh Yeah! There are a few places where it feels to me like the writing craft is still being honed. I suppose it’s somewhat like watching a college baseball team in action – flashes of Major League talent with the occasional over-throw of the cut-off man. I’m going to give the MVP award to Gotcha. I’d love to see the same treatment given to some of my “favorite” politicians. Unfortunately for Maggie, most of what I know about her comes from this clever short story. I’m pretty sure I learned some accurate history though…

All in all, I highly recommend Disrupted Worlds if you are looking for a sampling of fresh indie authors in a package that won’t distract you with errors.”


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