Ebook review: Magical Happenings by Kelsey Harris

The streets of Copenhagen are packed with all sorts of modes of transport from trucks to cyclists and even with the tremendous cycle paths in the city there are tragic accidents when the two come together typically when a truck turns right. There have been two in the last weeks and it is horrific. It cannot be easy for truckers to navigate around the cyclists who move like they own the place or have some moral obligation to go first. Actually it tends to be the law abiding cyclists that get into trouble. It does make me shudder, though, to see truckers on phones and SMS’ing while driving, as I did Again multiple times this morning,is it really worth the risk?

Anyhow, I digress from the main feature and is was pleasant to get back to reading a couple of short stories this weekend after the excitment of last week and quite a few longer ebooks recently:

From the dust cover: “This is a short story about a man who loves to shop so much, he is in a mental institution in order to conquer the bad habit. Along the way, he meets an interesting character….and his life may never be exactly be the same again.”

My Ebook review: To be effective ultra short stories, for me at least, need to help the reader paint a picture with the same skill that an artist creates a vision with just a
few carefully placed brush strokes.

Harris delivers a neatly written, punchy story that tells a full story that is clearly a part of a much larger history that is hinted at.This is a well written story that also shows the skill of the author to write a seemingly simple story in style.


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