Ebook review: Impact by Kelsey Harris

From the dust cover: “This book is a short story about a women who went to extremes in her everyday beliefs named April. April comes home one day to find that her house has been trashed. The rest of the story is something that you will have to find out the ending for yourself…and it’s a good one!”

My Ebook review: another short story from this talented author. The talent to create a story that conveys an emotional response in the reader is evident. Impact is at heart a chilling story that speaks to basal fears in man: the sanctity and safety of our homes, the priority of self-reliance and independence and the dread of aging.
Impact is pretty well written and is well worth a read. There are a couple of phrases that I stumbled over and usually that does not disturb me, but in a short story like this, the distraction threw me more than it otherwise would.


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