Release of Disrupted Worlds and first Ebook review

Available now and with a special introductory weekend offer price:

We went live during yesterday and already we have been given a 5 star review on amazon:
“I heartily enjoyed this gem of a book which I believe offers up a good sampling of short stories, each one both satisfying, yet still left me wanting more. I had honestly forgotten how delightful this genre is–this book has thankfully reminded me and helped fill my need for thought-provoking literature with it’s wonderful compilation of stories. Not to sound too cheeky but the book really lives up to its name as I spent nearly an entire day with MY world disrupted, as I was immersed in each story. If you’re wondering whether or not to check it out…you should. You won’t be disappointed.” – Britney King (author of Bedrock Bedrock)

It has been a very entertaining and invigorating process to work with talented authors to create a work of quality. It is now up to you the readers to, we hope, tell us whether we succeeded in being entertaining and thought provoking.

Take a look – only 99 cents / 75 pence for this weekend!


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