Cover Reveal: Disrupted Worlds


Authors: Dene Bebbington, Mark G. Butcher, John B. Dutton, Phil Kingsman, Chris Merlo, Tom Moran.

Description: A quality anthology of original short stories by emerging authors.

The main link joining these short stories is the passion of the authors to create worlds that readers will engage with. In Glen Swift, a short horror story set in a remote part of Scotland, doppelgangers force a frantic race against the clock. Gotcha! is a provocative satire on the return of the UK’s most divisive prime minister. The Information Monster looks forward to a future where connectivity is a prison that one father wants to save his family from in a future reality that seems disturbingly possible. The Crabby Old Git on Growing Up: For the Love of Maude is a laugh out loud comedy looking back at fond and not so fond recollections of youth. Replay and Reboot is a thriller with a twist in its tail that eventually looks to the dangers of unhindered technology. In The Trojan Hearse we are treated to a time travelling semi-professional sleuth trailing comedy wherever he goes.


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