Ebook Review: Margin of Eros by Clare Hawthorne

About the author: “Clare Hawthorne grew up in Tasmania, Australia. She accidentally completed a degree in economics at the Australian National University before moving to Melbourne to study screenwriting. She has written over ten feature film screenplays, which have won or placed in Australian and US-based screenwriting competitions. She moved to Los Angeles in 2007 where she came up with the idea for ‘Margin of Eros’.”

From the dust cover: “Violet is the most beautiful woman in the world. However, as she lives in Los Angeles and is not an actress/model/waitress, this fact has largely gone unnoticed. Unnoticed by humans, that is. Unbeknownst to her, Violet’s life has been manipulated by lustful gods and vengeful goddesses to such an extent that she has been disbarred as a psychologist and now works as an assistant at Olympic Studios, where the studio bosses don’t merely think they’re gods…they actually are gods.”

My Ebook review: I am a huge fan of fiction that involves the gods of Olympus. The original myths, or at least the versions that were thrust in my direction, translated into English, were endlessly fascinating. The capriciousness of the gods and the insignificance of the mortals, their play pieces, teaches a lot of important life lessons alongside just being entertainment.
Clare Hawthorne has chosen to use the backdrop of the gods of Olympus as they yet again squabble amongst themselves and interfere in the lives of mortals. The result is a complex tissue of plots, subterfuge and intrigue as well as a love story or two.
What we end up with is a satire and a drama that elegantly and eloquently wafts along over several hundred pages. It is a pleasant experience to read this book because of the interesting and diverse characters. It is a raunchy experience from time to time in ways both amusing and bizarre. The only negative I could consider was the nagging question of where is it all going? It does move along nicely and there is certainly a well developed main plot, it just plays second fiddle to the meanders and seeming tangents of the excellent prose.
An excellent read and very entertaining.


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