Self Publishing Announcement

My wife tells me that as a Leo my horoscope suggests that right now I am burning up inside with secrets. Interestingly, this is to some extent true. My mission with this blog has been to delve into the world of self publishing and emerging authors to find the golden nuggets that exist. It is clear from many reviews that there is real talent in the self publishing arena and my mission to share this knowledge with as many readers as possible set me on an exciting journey. A few months ago I contacted a few exciting, quality authors to sound them out about the possibility of a joint venture to create an anthology of original short stories. The response was very positive and generally the major issue that got in the way was time and timing. Now, fast forward and we are almost ready to go public with a six story anthology of around 70000 words. Having read it several times I am impressed by the quality, originality and variety of the work. No matter what happens next, it has been a privilege to work with these very fine authors and read their work, hear their thoughts and take advantage of the insights of a group of people who are both geographically and stylistically diverse. More will come in the near future I hope so please “Watch this space!”


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