Ebook review: Marketing the Impossible Personal and Professional Five-Step Success Model (Motivation and Marketing) by Michael Nir

We live in some crazy times where it seems to be less and less possible to believe in a single strategy that will see us through an entire career. There are disruptions coming from all sides in the form of outsourcing of jobs, icommuting, shorter term contracts and generally greater uncertainty. I do know someone who has just celebrated 40 years working in the same shop, which is an achievement and probably she is in the last wave of long serving employees. Perhaps in the future we will need to celebrate 10 years in one job as it becomes increasingly rare! Against all of this uncertainty, it is wise to build one’s own arsenal of techniques for controlling one’s own destiny. Michael Nir, whose self-help books I have enjoyed and reviewed previously, comes back with a new offering on marketing oneself.

From the dust cover: I was a salary worker before I opened my own business. I never looked back! In my last job i had a horrible boss – extremely manipulative. I was sick for three months taking tons of medicine until understood that it was me who needed the Change.
It is never easy – the first step that is – however it is exciting and invigorating.
I developed the Five-Step model initially testing and improving on myself and later as I was coaching and mentoring others, honing it to perfection! Use it and reap the benefits!
My Ebook review: Michael has developed a gentle pedagogic style that is easy to read. He has similarities to Covey in his delivery. It is not bombastic but relaxed; it does not try to pummel the argument across it informs in a convincing manner. This manner includes relevant anecdotes from the author’s own experience that help to flavour and season the material so that we imbibe it readily and can digest it easily within the context of our own endeavours.
There are a number of useful lessons in this short book that can make an immediate difference to your perception of you and your potential employer’s perception of you. There are also a couple of other exercises that should take a little longer and these would help to create the habits that will be more successful in the future.
The topic of taking control of your own destiny in an increasingly fast changing work environment makes a lot of sense and the tricks that can be learned in this book, I believe, give us an advantage going forward. Of course, anyone self publishing knows of the challenges of marketing and so it becomes doubly interesting to garner some insights into turning those challenges into breakthroughs.


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