Vacation and Ebook Review: Our Undead by Theo Vigo

It has been a while since my last venture onto this site. The summer vacation might be a very good opportunity to read one might think but various family gatherings, home improvement activities and a short trip to Germany have been a splendid distraction. No complaining here about the amount of good weather either so the beach called and we answered.
Going to Germany (in the old east) was a choice to go somewhere new and a hotel with an inside pool is always a good spread bet against foul rain. It did not take us long to figure that this hotel was a stop for grey army tour buses with the gentle hoards forming a slow moving stream from bus to reception and back again. There is no doubt that having a suitably charming youth in tow will bring out the best in these venerable ancients even if there is no common language but is there something to fear from this flood of ancestors? I took some time to consider this question and realised that the most serious threat comes from the race to the rest rooms and so long as one is not in the way there is likely to be no ill effect. I was surprised to find that our travelling elders have a delicate efficiency about the buffet. There is a bit of site seeing to begin with, which as an Englishman brought up on school dinners I neither understand nor recommend, but otherwise there is little fuss or bother as there often is with the indecisive younger crowd. On the plus side there is a form of courtesy that seems almost alien to modern life and a near total lack of ego and none if these weary warriors seem to own mobile telephones and if they do smoke do so with complete discretion somewhere out of site. So this army of darkness holds no fear for me.

On the other hand “Our Undead” by Theo Vigo describes an excellent example of a zombie hoard that should scare anyone. This ebook was one of the few that I managed to sneak in and I was glad of it. It is a fabulous read and longer than most zombie takes and more intricate somehow. Theo has an interesting writing style, not least in the refreshing way he introduces new characters. The plot is both slow at points and suitably gruesome at others. There is time for tension to build and the story to unfold. The author has not chosen to stay totally within the classic zombie plot but close enough that purists will not be upset. There are heroes and villains, conspiracy and lies, hope and horror.
For horror lovers this is a splendid ebook that I would certainly recommend sinking your teeth.
So in conclusion, if you see a grey army lurching towards you make sure you know their vital status before trying to hide in the public restrooms!


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