Ebook review: Wanda Exposed by Alex Munkacsy

From the dust cover: After over five years of role-playing as Wanda LaQuanda on the Internet, I’m coming clean with the truth: the writer behind the black Queen of Twitter is a 32 year old white man. This book is the story of how (and why) I invented Wanda, what I learned along the way and why I decided to come out of the closet as her creator. This is Wanda Exposed.
My Ebook review: Wanda’s story is an exciting one. The author has surfed a wave on the Internet, having worked hard and used effort and timing to create success.

This is an inspirational story for anyone interested in trying to leverage the opportunities of the Internet; it is a telling history of the last decade and a satire on attitudes so deeply held that it could well cross the line of offensiveness. ‘Wanda’ is a neatly written and fast moving exposé which is well worth a read. You will also learn some good insights on Twitter specifically.
Of course the whole basis of the book is that the internet allows anyone to create a second personality ‘out there’ and that there is very little way to verify what is real and what is fiction. That is entertainment, which is satire. There have been any number of artists who have created characters that the unwitting have taken at face value only to be ridiculed. Wanda is such an act and this book is another platform for the show. All the internet is a stage and we are but bits upon it.


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