Ebook review: The Trashcan Opera Society by Marc McVey

From the dust cover: The is the story of Jordan, a well educated homeless man who, by the result of a violent and unusual accident, meets an aging, exotic dancer named Hannah with whom he forms an extraordinary relationship.

Jordan has recently walked away from the practice of law and has slowly slipped away from his prior life. He now lives on the streets. He has learned to survive using a variety of schemes to make or steal money. He lives part of the time in a homeless shelter and other times with Hannah.

Jordan developed a love of opera during his time in law school. Despite his homelessness, he buys annual season tickets to the opera, much to the amusement of his friends. These tickets allow him to sit with the wealthiest opera fans in the city.

Hannah reveals a great secret to Jordan and asks him for his promise to fulfil a special wish. Together, Hannah and Jordan form a team to try to survive Los Angeles. This is their opera.
My Ebook review: “Trashcan Opera” is a hauntingly emotional story with plenty of questions and not so many answers. The story of the decent of a lawyer is joined as he is almost at rock bottom. Jordan’s story is told partly in flashbacks and partly not at all. His character is charming and interesting. His journey seems both regrettable and liberating.
Hannah’s life is no less complex although her journey has a different path it is again the result of choices for reasons not totally understandable but utterly clear.
M.M. McVey develops a gripping story that I found to be emotionally engaging. The starkness of the situations and their realism were tangible. His writing style was easy to read and descriptive.
The underlying theme of the opera is used carefully and sparingly and adds counterpoint to the basic and mean lives. This is indeed their opera.


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