Sinkronisity by Stephen Faulds

About the author: Stephen Faulds is a fantasy author based in Perth, Australia, and describes his approach: “My writing explores the search for truth and self-actualisation in a variety of genres and styles”
Another instructive quotation taken from Faulds Facebook page: “When a character says or does something you don’t approve then it is safe to assume you have given your creation a life of its own and it will now have an interesting story. A character is not a mouthpiece of the writer; it represents itself.”
From the dust cover: “A satirical science fiction fantasy about time travel and destiny. Old Rang lives in a cave on the edge of a time warp. His visitors include the Nottle villagers who believe he makes the sun rise every morning and a time traveller called Vince Yaga who is the least superstitious man in the universe. Vince Yaga discovers Ruce Lemming, a character from an unfinished epic fantasy novel by Seferin Fane. Ruce is being stalked by a mutant lawnmower named Victor. After a variety of erroneous misadventures which involve an array of characters including Buggeroni, an inventor from Florence; his wife Florrida; Belinda Nort, an out of work actress; an old Fakir and Rod Singlet, a Nostralian Itinerant, Seferin is helped to finish his novel so that Ruce and everyone in the immediate vicinity, including the lawnmower can fulfil their respective destinies.”
My Ebook review: this is a book that does what is says: it is a satire on many recognizable themes and holds each of them up to the razor blade of humor. There are many characters striving to keep their place in the limelight in this book which makes for a lot of scene jumps. This is clearly part of the charm and it is remarkable that the plot stays together under the strain. The clue is in the book title of course.
There are a number of important questions asked in the book: namely, what happens to heroes whose stories are not finished and what will happen when robot lawn mowers become self-aware? Beware the Lawnminator!
“Sinkronisity” is a fun book with multiple interesting levels and a good read.


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