The Lonely Man: The Witch’s Price by S. M. White

About the author: “S. M. White survives on a steady diet of Fantasy novels, sweet tea, and procrastination. He has no liking for cold weather or small arrogant animals. I find myself leaning more in the direction of grime and grit and terrible things. I think this is because that aspect of life is the polar opposite of who I am and what I experience. And I find it interesting and engaging to place characters in horrible situations, beneath immeasurable duress, and see how they deal. With fantasy there are few set rules. The whole of my imagination is laid out before me, and often that’s unlucky for my characters.”
From the dust cover: “A man responsible for the downfall of a nation. The nation responsible for the downfall of a man.

Mhets and six other greedy men quested to steal the Chained God’s treasure. They were successful. The gods, in their fury, took the lives of Mhets’ companions one at a time, and now seek to snuff out the remaining thief. To survive, and to further spite the divine for their part in taking the love of his life, Mhets finds refuge in a witch’s hand. But the vile deal he enters into promises nothing but trouble. Sorcerers, mercenaries, and death wait on the horizon as he moves to complete his end of the terrible bargain. Journeying at the behest of the witch, Mhets learns just how black his heart has become, and how that darkness inside him might spell salvation for the world.”
My Ebook review: This is an accomplished fantasy with a deep tale of love, loss and revenge combined with the hidden machinations of a complex political and historical landscape.
White’s characters, like his plot, are dark and moody and driven by basic desires. Mhet is intriguing although not particularly likable and is a mystery wrapped inside his own enigma.
Overall “Lonely Man” is well written with fine descriptive narrative and a well paced plot delivering a good reading experience.


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