Ebook review: We the Separate Together by Jaye Viner

About the author: “Jaye is a writer of experimental novels of literary and historical merit. Born in Kobe Japan, Jaye [is] destined for a life of wandering both physically and mentally. She can only remain home two to three months at a time before wanderlust takes over. It has yet to be discovered how fully this need has influenced her writing.”
From the dust cover: “Since the unclean laws were passed by her father, Mistress Regent Anselma has never doubted the need to protect her people, the Deems, from the Versers—descendants from the bears of the southern mountains. But when a chance encounter with the brash Aeyers III Iain reveals that the Versers are not so different from herself, Anselma’s life becomes marked with conflict.

In reaction to her father’s war against the Versers, Anselma is kidnapped and held for ransom in an underground Verser village where she is confronted with the oppression her father’s laws have wrought. Anselma must find a way to bring peace before he discovers the locations of the villages and brings his army to destroy them.”
My Ebook review: Jaye’s debut novella captures a classic tale of a society beset by bigotry and the epiphanous journey of one of the privileged ignorant as they shed this naïve veil. Importantly, the author sets this tale against a fantastic background and uses her writing style to lift the tale, to generate tension and intrigue, rebellion and love.

The main protagonists tell this story well and the descriptions are clear and concise. There is a lot that has to remain allusion from the author and speculation on the part of the reader but that is the point about a novella, however complete the story it must surely leave the reader wanting more.

I found this to be a very interesting story and an impressive debut from Jaye Viner.


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