Ebook review: Through A Mother’s Eyes by Jackie Barreau

“Through A Mother’s Eyes” is a book of poetry, quotations and pictures compiled to convey a true story of love and loss.
About the author: “I was born in 1968 and live in Adelaide, South Australia where I have resided for the past 45 years. I am happily married to a great husband of 22 years, and have two beautiful daughters. I am also a bereaved mother of two special sons, gone from our lives but not our hearts. My first book deals with grief and loss, and I plan to follow this theme as I write about my experiences as a bereaved mother. A student of life and a work in progress.”
From the dust cover: “A glimpse into how one mother has learnt to cope with the loss of her two sons, and support a third child through a rare genetic condition. This book deals with the subject of grief and loss, and features a collection of poems, interspersed with quotes and breathtaking images. It will inspire and move you, as you are taken on an incredible journey of love, hope and courage.”
My Ebook review: This is a poignant and moving collection. Luckily these diseases of children are rare, unluckily they do affect a number of children and it must be devastating. The author is open about her loss and the grief. The intention is partly to raise awareness and partly to give inspiration and partly to help others in a similar position choose to keep going when otherwise they may give up. The author’s emotion and feeling are tangible in this work and it was impossible not to feel a strong sense of empathy.
It is horrible to consider illness in children, it is sadly a fact of our existence. It demonstrates all too clearly how far we have to go in developing diagnostics, therapies and cures to help minimize the number of families devastated by loss.


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