Ebook review: Knights at Edinburgh Castle (Lions of Scotland) (Volume 2) by Thomas E. Greenlaw

I could not resist reading the sequel to “Ghost of Flodden (Lions of Scotland)

From the dust cover: “While a prisoner of the English, young Alexander learns of his father’s death and that he is now Lord of Hume, though he feels lord of nothing as the English occupy his fortresses. Undaunted, he escapes and sets out to recapture his lost property warring with the Earls of Rutland and Sussex, and the Duke of Somerset. His fondness for women leads him into tumultuous relationships first, with a farm girl, Jennie Laidlaw, and then in succession, Lady Margaret Ker, Mary Queen of Scots and Lady Agnes Grey. While he falls afoul of Queen Elizabeth of England. In addition to the chaos of government, wrought by weak leadership, he had to contend with the Scottish Reformation, a turbulent time of intrigue, treachery and Machiavellian machinations, and a series of bloody murders, even witch burnings. Moreover, while a staunch supporter of Mary Queen of Scots he was, in the end, obliged to fight against her, forcing her out of Scotland for all time.”

My Ebook review: Knights picks up where Ghost left off moving us rapidly through the turbulent history of the period. Thomas E. Greenlaw portrays the protagonists as struggling with temporal and spiritual issues both personal and political. It is a highly volatile period and friends are hard to find; duplicity and secrecy rule the day. This is both a personal story of Alexander and also a broader and much more complex story of Scotland. The fiction has Foundation in historical fact and does not take away from the ability of the plot to surprise, intrigue and confuse.

This is a splendid drama that has history alive and vivid in the imagination.


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