Ebook review: Morality for Atheists by M Adams

From the dust cover: “RELIGION AND MORALITY. For far too long, religion has been considered to be a pre-condition of morality and many still believe you could not have one without the other. But what would this mean for atheists, if this were true? What exactly is preventing atheists from going on a murderous rampage? Can atheists be moral? This short concise book aims to tackle the common misconceptions regarding morality, atheism and religion using reasoned argument and a refreshing slice of humour.”

My Ebook review: there is a real sense in which I try to avoid discussing religion or morality too much because there are just too many potential ways to hit a brick wall or just plain offend people. That said, I am very much in favor of free thought and expression and am happy for folk to go about in their own law abiding way. The author makes some good points in a punchy essay. There is humor and there is reasoned argument and the logic is readily followed.

Am I convinced by the discussion? Probably yes to the extent that lack of religion does not necessitate murderous behavior but in the end even those not brought up in religion are raised in a society of laws. The point is perhaps missed that atheism is not the same as anarchist. I never understood why I was the only one at university who thought the the “anarchist’s society” was a spectacular oxymoron; please let me know where I went wrong.


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