Ebook review Ghost of Flodden (Lions of Scotland) by Thomas Greenlaw

About the author: “Born in Scotland, Thomas E. Greenlaw began writing at 10 with a four-verse poem, going on to win a certificate of merit from the Burn’s Federation, and publish in his high school magazine. He emigrated to Canada, returning frequently to Scotland, where he met Lord Home a.k.a Sir Alec Douglas Home, pronounced Hume, former Prime Minister of Great Britain. It is no coincidence that he went on to write the saga, “Lions of Scotland (Lords of Hume)” which depicted Lord Home’s most colorful early ancestors. His first e-book,”Ghosts of Flodden” constitutes the first volume.”

From the dust cover: “Ghost of Flodden recounts the bloody battle of 1503, which annihilated most of Scotland’s noblemen and changed the course of Scottish history. Of the two surviving nobles, one was Alexander (Alec) Hume/ (Home), Warden of the Marches, Great Chamberlain of Scotland and friend of the slain King James IV. With the King’s son still a child, it is his mission to secure strong interim leadership, and keep the English at bay. To this end, supported by the undying love of Lady Katherine (Katie) Nisbet, and the backing of his brothers, he risks everything, his freedom, his castles, even his life, fighting with the Council, fighting with the Regent, all the while fighting off the marauding Border reivers/ (raiders) to maintain peace and freedom in his country and beloved Borderland. No one is completely trustworthy. Alliances are made one day only to be broken the next, and the shadow of King Henry VIII of England looms over Scotland. Alec’s success dangles on a thread.”

My Ebook review: the portrayal of historical events in a work of fiction is a magnificent way to bring to life the pat and especially to try to understand what it must have been like to live in turbulent times. Thomas Greenlaw presents an important chapter in the history of a country and the key moments in the lives of the protagonists.

We are transported to a harsh world where ambitious men and righteous men make tough decisions that lead to death and destruction on a massive scale. The recounting of the battles is detailed and interesting. It is horrifying to consider that the amount of death described could be dealt through hours of bloody work with a large portion being in close quarters.

More that the history and the politics and the fighting is a romance and personal story that lifts the story and brings relief from the relentless difficulties of the times.
This is an excellent book, well written and difficult to set aside once started as it moves at dramatic pace.
Personally I enjoy visiting Scotland and went there on honeymoon and several other times. Edinburgh is a beautiful city these days and it seems incomprehensible that such a history could be from this lovely place.


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