Ebook review: WANTED:PASSIONATE HERO Experience Preferred by M.C. Piper

About the author: M.C. Piper makes her debut with this novella even though writing has been a passion for many years. More information can be found on her blog.

From the dust cover: “in the middle of a job crisis, Marcy Wilkins finds herself revisiting the world of her childhood cowboy hero Trace Gallant. Imaging her surprise when a strange new computer worm allows her to enter that world; and then, when she comes back, allows Trace, the villain Grimley St. Clair, and the saloon girl Lili to come back with her. Trace agrees to help her become a hero in her own life, but what works in his world doesn’t always work in hers…though he does help her–very much so…with some surprising input from Lili.
Just a fun read with memorable characters, where fantasy and reality merge, with gentle humor and a lot of heart.”

My Ebook review: way back when as a youth I remember stories about a toy cowboy that comes to life when put into a magic box to invigorate the life of a young boy. Imagine what would happen if something similar happened to you in your adult life.

This question is answered in this book and M.C. Piper develops a fun story around splendid descriptions and an interesting plot. This is a romantic story and full of ‘old fashioned’ values interpreted in modern day society.

I particularly enjoyed the way the characters cope with their parts in this tale and develop their understanding of what is the new reality that they find themselves in.


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