Ebook review: Death of a Doughnut buy T Rafiq

From the dust cover: “Charlie Darren is a regular guy just trying to get by in a cold, indifferent cosmos. He’s a smart and amiable chap, but he has a lot of problems. He was on death row from the age of three until his early teens for a crime he sort of didn’t really commit, his step father is trying to kill him with mutant scorpions just to get out of paying him his allowance, and his bank manager has bounty hunters scouring the stars for him because he missed a couple of repayments on his student loan.

In an effort to clear his debts and prevent his vital organs being harvested and sold to the highest bidder, Charlie takes a job as a credit register attendant aboard a franchised fast food space station. One day the eatery receives a most illustrious visitor: General Urgos the Pitiless, supreme commander of the majestic legions of the Armandax Empire. He orders some doughnuts and a hot beverage to set him up for a hard day of genocide and carpet bombing.

Things go awry, however, when the general’s sworn arch enemy also shows up at the restaurant and an interplanetary skirmish erupts in the breakfast bar. Charlie Darren must use all of his wit and charm to survive the conflagration of death that is exploding all around him. This is a story of terror, survival, redemption and crocodile skin thigh boots.”

My Ebook review: this is a fun read that delightfully fills a spare few moments. The action is rapid and splendidly ludicrous. The narrator Charlie Darren is just a guy trying to find his way in a crazy universe. The aliens are nicely fleshed out given the brevity of the work.

Overall this is a charming science fiction short story full of drama and humourous situations.


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