Ebook review: Snicker Snag by Drew Toop

From the dust cover:”Somewhere on the wrong side of the millennium, 13-year old pathological liar Richard “Dick” Fidget longs to follow in the footsteps of his long-lost brother and run away from home. Things aren’t so simple, however, and with high school just around the corner, Richard finds himself fighting back against an arrogant guidance counselor, witless classmates, and two insane parents who threaten to tear what’s left of his family apart. And that’s all before his brother comes back with a story to tell. Hilarious, tragic, and bound to be controversial, this page-turning look at love, memory and desire is guaranteed to be unlike any reading experience you’ve had before. But as things grow stranger and Richard grows terrified of what his past might reveal, you may find yourself wondering how much of what he says is the truth…”

About the author: “Drew Toop is a writer and amateur filmmaker currently living abroad in Asia. Previous efforts include Goodbye, Night Market, Goodbye, a documentary about the Shida Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan, and filming and editing for Graci in the Kitchen, a regular web series about food hosted by a lively Korean-Kiwi. Snicker Snag is his first novel.”

My Ebook review: This is a coming of age retrospective melancholic essay on the troubles of growing up. There is much to relate to in the young adult making young adult’s mistakes while at the same time letting us view his world through the world as he sees it.
The prose is witty and at times delightful and at times as self-obsessed as the pre-pubescent protagonist. Richard’s story is relatable and his challenges can be understood. This is an urban story of life, growing up and reminiscences told with considered care and attention.


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