Ebook review revisit: Used Aliens by M. Sid Kelly

M. Sid Kelly let me know that his book “Used Aliens” will be running a free promotion on Amazon.com “I’m also doing another free promo on Used Aliens – should start in a few hours. In case you know anyone who’d like to snag a free copy…”. I am a big fan of his blog because it is a warts and all chronicle of his adventure in self publishing both the ups and the downs. If you hit the link you will see immediately his sense of humor and writing style: about the author: “M. Sid Kelly is the only fish biologist in far-Northern California with a pixelated face. He runs a small fish biology consulting firm that is so unsuccessful that he had time to write a satirical sci-fi novel and two photo-journals about people and nature in Mali, West Africa (where he and his wife served together as Peace Corps volunteers from 1992 to 1994). M. Sid enjoys looking for stuff on the ground – e.g., fossils, rocks, bones and dead things washed up on the beach. Then he enjoys bringing these things home and making them less smelly. He once got lucky and found a new species of extinct crab that they named Lophomastix kellyi. The author also enjoys…writing about himself in the third person. Plus, he thinks he can bat for a century in a test match against any team but England. He’s never played cricket, but he has his own ball and is available to come to the crease.”

Back in history it seems by ebook review was: This was a bit of an odd ball to start with because the first part of the book did not fit with the description and I was questioning whether something odd was going on. I am, though, very happy that I continued through the book because it became hillarious. There is a little bit of everything in this book and it is well thought through on many levels but the most punchy part for me were some of the slapstick comedy sections which got me some strange looks on the train as I laughed my way between stations! This book is well worth making the initial trek which actually sets the scene quite well.


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