Ebook review: Tethered (J + P series) by D.A. Roach

From the dust cover: “Perry’s an 18 year old girl who is navigating her first year at college. She is finding it to be both liberating and challenging. She also has just met some incredible friends and a gorgeous guy who sends such mixed messages that she is unsure if he likes her or wishes she didn’t exist. Can she break the ties that tether her to her parents, get the amazing grades she needs to stay at school, and win the heart of Jared? Follow Perry in her first college year in Book One of the P + J series.”

About the author: “I am a retired Pharmacist, College instructor, and grocery bagger. I currently enjoy being a mom to 3 great kids while pursuing art, creating, and writing in what free time I am allowed. I have had some interesting events occur in my life and when I share them with others they often are so astonished by the events that they can’t believe it could be real. My motivation to write is to share these stories and also share any knowledge I have learned along the way. There have been times in my life when I was unsure of which path to take and it has usually been the stories and experiences that others have shared that have shined the light on the correct way to go. I hope my stories can inspire others as others have inspired me. Please enjoy!”

My ebook review: this is an emotion filled drama story that makes me very happy that my passage to adulthood was a lot smoother. There is no doubt that the transition from being a child to being a young adult is tricky and there are lots of issues that need to get settled. Not least in this entire melee is the need of the nascent adult to strive for physical and psychological independence from parents to whom there will always be a tie. One massive complication will also be the lack of financial independence that most of us only get around to after we finally end up on a career path some time later.

For Perry life is difficult. She is growing up and making the usual mistakes that we all have to make and yet she is also very clearly the victim of a terrorizing mother and a generally miserable home life. It is little wonder that Perry is finding the transition challenging.

Roach does a good job of painting the scene and creating an engaging but very disturbing tale. The destructive forces are maneuvered with subtlety and one is almost ensnared in a cocoon of gentleness until the mood changes.

For me personally this was a difficult read emotionally. The story evoked strong feelings and made me uncomfortable at times. This is clearly a sign to me that the story is very well written and should be well received.


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