We all like to calibrate…

Sometimes I post links to reviews on The IndieView which is a fabulous site for independent authors. What is fun is seeing the reviews from so many independents who have a passion for this reading emerging or self publishing author’s work. It is truly amazing how many new works are published and so I was surprised to find that another reviewer had looked at a couple of the same books as I had. Luckily for me it seems that Nik’s Picks had a similar opinion to me. It is good to get a calibration from a second reviewer. It is nice to know that one is not overly optimistic or slipping on the slope towards being overtly popularist negative.

These sites and many others like them are there for the independent author and the reader alike to create a microcosm or ecosystem that has a life of its own. There is a culture or society that thrives on this mutual self interest or symbiosis of the finder and the taker, the author and the reader, the reviewer and the author.

So the point of this post is not only to highlight my personal joy at finding calibration but also to encourage anyone who has not to take a look at these excellent sites.




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