Ebook review Dark Destiny (Part 1 of the Dark Destiny series) by Oscar Cavazos

The Dark Destiny series is a YA/Urban Fantasy by Oscar Cavazos.

About the author: “Oscar Cavazos has always enjoyed telling stories. From campfire tales to childhood playground sagas, he has maintained his creativity and channeled it into entertaining others. Armed with a Starbucks iced coffee and a laptop, he is devoted to writing every day to try and better his craft. His motto is “the only way to get perfect is to practice”, and he believes he has a long way to go.”

From the dust cover: “Great friends. A perfect girlfriend. Life is good for 17 year old Sebastian. Until tragedy shatters his blissful existence, awakening a dark power inside him. Visions of a ghostly and broken world lead to a mysterious female who tells him that he’s the reincarnation of Death. With the title comes great power. Will he use it for good? Or, will he drown in the darkness of his own selfish purposes?”

My Ebook review: this is a first book of a series that Oscar has planned out for new releases every few months. As the first in the series Dark Destiny introduces us to a large number of players, characters and concepts. Dark Destiny is a relatively confusing work although the underlying themes and the plot development is interesting, essentially setting the scene for the coming installments.

Dark Destiny will be attractive to the YA audience who take the multiple plot elements in stride and will enjoy the regular new offerings by Oscar Cavazos.


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