Flights and books

Yesterday was a business travel day. Four flights to do a round trip to Wales. Three of the flights were late because of striking baggage handlers in Brussels airport. Dash it I do not want to go back to that airport. When a plane parks next to a decent terminal building it is very frustrating to have to get on a bus to go to the other terminal to then have to transfer back through again! A lot of walking, some running and a good degree of attempting to maintain my Zen.

On the plus side I got a good chance to read a Magician’s End by Raymond E. Feist. This is the wrap up of a very long series and I will not review it here. What is interesting is that he has received a mixed bag of reviews already. Certainly it is not possible to tie off all of the loose ends in such a broad ranging collection of books without some leaps of faith and surely you cannot please everyone. My hat (if I had one) would come off to an author who has built and maintained a fantasy universe for so long and has not kept it going longer than the story allows (in my opinion). But it is a lesson once again that even the top mainstream authors get panned by reviewers for doing good work.

Wales was good, the weather was bad, the book was good and the travel was awful! A long and topsy turvy day.


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