Ebook review Slip-Up: How Fleet Street Found Ronnie Biggs And Scotland Yard Lost Him – The Story Behind The Scoop by Anthony Delano

Ebook review of a true crime story.

From the dust cover: “Ronnie Biggs was one of the most celebrated criminals of the 1960s and 1970s. Jailed for his part in the Great Train Robbery of 1963, he escaped and went on the run. Eventually the Daily Express tracked him down to Rio De Janeiro and cooked up a cosy, if highly irregular, conspiracy between Scotland Yard and the newspaper to bring him to justice. But the hunt for Biggs soon embroiled every circulation-hungry rival newspaper. And where Fleet Street led, the world’s news media followed. It was The Story of the Century.

Scotland Yard was outwitted from bungled beginning to embarrassed end. And The Express was mercilessly mauled by its opponents. Justice was soon forgotten – and Biggs stayed out of jail for another 27 years. ‘Slip-Up’ is the amazing inside story of one of the greatest newspaper sagas of all time – a riveting story of greed, ambition and double-dealing among a tribe of high-powered hacks on the warpath.”

My Ebook review: This is a fascinating and enduring story. Quite why we are captivated by thieves and rogues is uncertain but the truth is that we are. The story of Biggs and his time in Brazil and eventual decision to be discovered is a complex one that shows up the best and the worst of journalists.

Well worth a read for delightful prose and a memorable story.


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