Ebook review S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism by Fourat Janabi

From the dust cover: “”Does Homeopathy work? Are GMOs dangerous? Is climate change really happening,
or is it a hoax as claimed by many? This book will help you navigate the twisted
shores of pseudoscientific territory and cut through the nonsense to find the
good science.

I’m Fourat, and I think good, peer-reviewed, replicable
science should be the pride of humanity. Yet, for some reason it’s not. Join me
on this mini-adventure as I help you navigate the confusing, jargon-filled, and
treacherous arena of science and the outfits trying to coat themselves in its
respectable veneer. By the end of this book, they won’t be able to hide their
nonsense from you any longer.

Learn why homeopathy is wrong, climate
change is happening, vaccines are safe, western medicine is doing us just fine,
why evolution is true, among a few others. Find out what makes good science
good, and pseudoscience pseudo. The success of science should be one of
humanity’s proudest achievements, but, somehow it isn’t. Explore the bad and the
good on this little journey.”

My Ebook review: this is a well researched book and does a good job of holding the banner of objective research high. Books of this nature leave us a bit better equipped to argue with those whose opinions we are likely unable to change.

Being a scientist does not give one a moral superiority over the rest of us. Scientists are just people who have gone on to dig far too deep into subjects that start digging back. We are in this together and sometimes a cautious ‘layman’ is just what is needed.

S3 is a splendid book for anyone open minded enough to consider every point of view and wait for proof.

Fourat has a blog which is really worth looking at http://randomrationality.com/. Science without clever people to check it out is never going to end well. After all, did you know that the element phosphorus was only discovered because alchemists were trying to extract the gold from urine (it is gold coloured right? so it must contain gold!)


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