Ebook review: The Orc of Many Questions (The Book of Many Orcs) by Shane Michael Murray

The above fantastic cover gives a pretty good indication of what this book is all about!

From the dust cover: Orcs don’t like questions. Everybody with a brain knows that. Orc tribes save their strength for fighting, not thinking. They survive by raiding the lands of weaker races, repeating it year after year to offer tribute to the masters of their mountain home. Life on Firebrand Peak is short and nasty. Death comes quickly and the fallen are soon forgotten. Generations pass, yet the tribe remains brutally the same.

Until one little orc starts asking too many questions.

About the author: Shane Michael Murray was born in Wodonga, Australia. He graduated Australian National University with a double bachelor, one in Asian Studies, and one in Mechatronics Engineering (Honors). He currently works in Japan as an automotive engineer. He spends his spare time reading, going to the gym, jogging, and break dancing.

My Ebook review: Even Orcs have feelings it turns out. Orcs have a society as well. Not all Orcs are equal and they must develop and grow and fight and fight.

Shane Michael Murray has created a vision of the world from an Orc’s point of view. The Orc in question endures many exciting, scary and quite often nasty situations in what could be described as a rite of passage story or in this case a severe case of growing pain.

I had never considered the life of an Orc before and had not thought about what it would be like to live as one so I had no preconceptions. The book is written in an easy to read style that wonderfully describes the Orcs, dragon, Elves amongst other delights. This was a new type of story for me and one that was told in a clear and captivating manner. In the final assessment this must be about as fantastic as fantasy gets!


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