E book review: Life II by Scott Spotson

This is the second book by the author Scott Spotson that I have reviewed (the first ebook review was “Seeking Dr Magic”) and I was very intrigued to read “Life II”.

From the dust cover: “Upon discovering a 1958 book titled “Account of Time Travel on Earth Using Wave Theory,” 42-year-old Max Thorning’s life is thrown into chaos. Seeking answers to the book’s cryptic clues, he discovers Dr. Time, a seemingly benign alien who has control of the Time Weaver, a remarkable device that can command any scene from the Earth’s past. Dr. Time offers him a choice to go back into Time, to any point in his lifespan that he can vividly recall. The catch: he can only bring his memories, and can only live the future one day at a time. Follow Max’s dilemma as he goes back to his 16-year-old self and tries to forge his destiny into a new one called Life II.”
My Ebook review: time travel is an enigmatic subject and one that has been used and abused in many contexts. Clearly there are a lot of possibilities with time travel from an author’s perspective but all too often the events become confusing, doubtful or bogged down in the mundane discussion of paradoxes. In “Life II” Scott Spotson has made a refreshing break from these issues and we focus instead more on the effect of the protagonists’ choices and the ramifications of those all too swiftly taken decisions. What we get is a tale of self-inflicted challenge, excitement, despair, renewal and grief.
Surely we have all thought or considered at one time what it might be like to go back and change that one thing in our past that bugs us still. Or perhaps we think that we can go back and live an altogether better life the second time around having already life experiences in the bag. This subject also fascinates ‘main stream’ science and there are numerous physics journal papers written on the very subject of closed causal loops, their possibility or impossibility and the debate has not stopped.
What Spotson delivers is a very neatly balanced discussion of time travel wrapped inside an emotionally gripping story. This is not the neat time travel, it is no holds barred, raw and turns out not to be an easy journey. There are many twists and surprises in “Life II”. I was deeply impressed by the story line and found it difficult to drag myself away from this book when other duties called.


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