E book review: The Crabby Old Git On Weddings (A Laugh Out Loud Comedy) by Phil Kingsman

It is monday and I will admit to having a slight but perfectly formed hangover. The weather was splendid over the weekend and we celebrated in style. Speaking of celebrations, this rather poorly links me into the ebook review of today as it is about weddings.
About the author: Phil Kingsman is in the process of writing five short stories involving “The Crabby Old Git”. It is important already at the start to point out that these books are meant to be comedy. One review of “The Crabby Old Git On Cruising” returned a one star review because that reader has bought the book as a guide to cruising and was disappointed. Personally I think that was pretty unfair and I have to wonder why one would bother going to the trouble of writing an ebook review when one could easily get a refund instead.

The Old Git hates weddings but Maude says he has to go. He knows it’ll be a disaster, and sure enough, it looks as though he’s on the money.

From the dust cover: “Crabby really gets the hump when he discovers Maude’s planning to turn the wedding invitation into a ‘romantic weekend’. He’d rather be in his shed…Enjoy a good giggle as the Old Git retells the tale of his weekend from hell to his best mate, Reg. It’ll get you thinking about every wedding you’ve ever been to: Relatives arguing; jostling for position on the wedding photos; the Best Man who should know better, and as for the chocolate fountain…”

My ebook review: there is definite truth to the “Laugh Out Loud Comedy” title; I laughed and chuckled and was generally brought into splendid humour by this book. As the dust cover says this is a story of events as told by Crabby post festum. The writing took me to the party and I was left in no doubt as to the slapstick nature of the events as they unfurled. This type of comedy relies on the ability to keep a very tight line not to become embarassing or absurd but the closer to the edge the author gets the funnier it is and Kingsman managed that very well indeed.

If you want a good laugh then pick up ‘Crabby’; I see that this Ebook is free to download just now (6th May 2013), click on the cover above and you will be hyperlinked.


One thought on “E book review: The Crabby Old Git On Weddings (A Laugh Out Loud Comedy) by Phil Kingsman

  1. Thanks for the tip on the “Old Git” books. Thanks also for coming by my blog. I too read many self pub’d authors and find hidden gems all the time. (and yes, a few writers that need remedial help)

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