E book review: Laws of Men by Johnathan Barnes

Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day. Days like these happen sometimes and the perfect antidote for me was a light hearted, enjoyable ebook that I could relate easily to. I found “Laws of Men” as I was browsing and happily picked it up.

From the dust cover: “Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s a man law” or “Its guy code” and wondered, “This guy has no idea what he is talking about.” Well, you would actually be wrong (for the most part), because every man has the “Guy Code” in his brain. It’s a fairly large list of rules that any self-respecting man follows. When a man enters a situation, one of the things that tell him to do it or not, is the Guy Code. Obviously, every woman wonders what is going on in a man’s mind and every man wonders if he is missing a few of the Man Laws. So, I have compiled EVERY Man Law, for your referencing needs.
It’s not terribly long, just a little something to have a good laugh at!”

My Ebook review: in this increasingly complex world it is too easy to be confused about appropriate behaviour. It is not easy to know what to do without the right guidance. Thank goodness for the ‘Laws of Men’! Now I know how to deport myself in any situation, how to avoid looking like a total numpty and what to do in all kinds of Men related scenarios. Well done that Man!
This is an excellent ‘tongue in cheek’ short work that is an absolutely splendid way to lift one’s spirits.


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