E book review: Orion: Suresh Adventure by J. Thomas Beaton

About the author: “I was born in Toronto, Canada and have since moved around the United States and Europe, living most of my adult life in southern England, which is currently my home…I Write in my spare time between work and my writing means a lot to me…producing something that entertains others is the whole point really isn’t it?”
From the dust cover: “EXCITING, FAST-PACED AND FULL OF ACTION RIGHT FROM THE START. IF YOU LOVE FIREFLY AND STAR TREK, YOU WILL LOVE THIS. When the crew of the Orion are hit by an unexpected Meteor Storm on their way home they are forced to land on a strange and uncharted planet. Hoping for easy assistance, Captain John Kruiger encounters a sordid society and must risk their lives to do what is right.

My Ebook Review: this is a classic fast moving science fiction space adventure / alien culture encounter story. There are intriguing comments about past events that have set the crew on course for this adventure yet are let obfuscated. The tale is told from the point of view of multiple protagonists which adds dimension and depth.

Beaton initiates the comparison to Star Trek and this is fair enough. There are apparently multitudes of unexplored planets, super-light speed travel and societies of alien life forms. There is a whole universe of possibilities. Like that ground breaking series, there the moral compass points straight at Human, western democracy. This does mean that we are easily able to relate to the drive and actions of Kruiger and become emotionally invested as the plot develops.

This is a very fine Ebook of its type and the scene is well set for further installments.


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