E book review The Zombie Rule Book A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide by Tony Newton

Sometimes there are book titles that simple require me to read the book. It is like a type of unavoidable compulsion, almost a disorder. So when I saw a rule book about surviving a zombie apocalypse I had no choice at all in the matter.

The author Tony Newton’s page states that he “has written many books ranging from Quiz books to Self-help to fiction.
Tony enjoys reading, social networking, Quizzes, the Internet, the Theatre, music, scriptwriting and Art.”
From the dust cover: “Zombies……….. The undead, walking dead, the living dead, the plague, creepers, walkers, shufflers call them what you will but zombies mean business…but it’s a whole different ball game to come face to face with these evil beings, these death walking creepers who have only one thing on their mind and that is to eat your flesh. Unless you want to end up as zombie feed then learn these rules now. Just look at the news, it is time to prepare yourself!”

My Ebook review: even though it is possible to misread the book title and believe that this is a book of rules for the Zombie it is of course meant for the living who feel inclined to stay that way. It would, of course, make no sense to write rules for Zombies! For lovers of the Zombie genre and for those of us who live in fear of the day we have to go one on one with the undead this is a splendid compilation of rules. Most of these will come as rather obvious and pretty much common sense. I have to admit, though, that many ‘self-help’ books can be charged with the same but when it comes to the crunch one needs to have these simple tricks firmly in mind. When the undead masses come lurching down the corridor is not the time to start brainstorming about best practices and setting up Zombie survival sub committees!
While I felt that there was a little degree of repetition in the rules, this is a fun read and I finished this manual with a good feeling of a thorough job done. As a scientist myself I suppose it is my job to go and develop the dubious ‘cure’!


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