E book review If you want to friend me, meet me @ starbucks (Grandpa’s Guide) by Tic Rawghers

I found this E book under the humor section on Amazon and gave it a shot. That is always a nice way to find surprises and this was a pretty decent surprise. According to himself “Tic Rawghers, Grandpa Tic to the little kids, has been goaded into writing about things that his kids (and grandkids) think he’s funny about. He hopes you think so, too. But if you don’t, it won’t bother him none. He writes, now and then, from Florida, and hopes you enjoy the topics he covers. You can also request his thoughts on something on his blog.”

From the dust cover: “Grandpa Tic Rawghers’ Guide to the Non-Technical Life reveals the hold technology has on us, and gives suggestions on how we might break free. In this tongue-in-cheek diatribe, Tic rails against social media, smartphones and other gadgets as his kids and grandkids teach him how growing up today is different than yesterday. He shows them how sometimes this gets you into trouble, and why, sometimes, the old-fashioned way is still best.”

My review: I always enjoy reading about how progress is not really progress and the superiority of the ‘good old days’. Essentially this is the author’s message through much of this short piece. The language made me consider that this might be a spoof or a dictated work because it seems to more like the spoken word than prose. As the book progressed the language ended up giving Tic more authenticity as a bit of a grumpy old man who has had a life that has spanned some of the most amazing developments in human history.

The main message it an interesting step back and insightful inspection of whether all of the advances are in fact progress. What might we have lost with all the connectivity. Clearly, the advantages of technology go beyond making the print encyclopedia defunct.

There is a surprisingly useful guide at the end which is a clear reminder of how to stay human in our electronic world.


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